TempWorks Time Clock Solution

About two and a half years ago we began an endeavor to solve the problems our customers were having with their time clock systems. Most time clocks in the market space are closed systems. Although most of them do support importing and exporting of data you still need to customize the data. TempWorks for over a decade has supported Kronos’ imports and exports plus various others but that only gets you half way. With so many Kronos systems out there in the wild and different versions I don’t think we have yet been able to use the same import/export data mapping system twice. I won’t mention all the other variations of other time clock systems in the market space. Then once you get the mapping set up you still need to supply man hours for management of the time clock the importing and exporting of data on a daily or weekly basis. We saw that as a problem.

The TempWorks Time Clock solution is the innovative product that was born out of that problem solving endeavor. Instead of having a closed system “talk” to our system we wrote our own time clock software that talks directly and natively to TempWorks. Instead of having a very narrow choice of time clock hardware features, our system can work on any Microsoft Windows hardware platforms.

Integrated System

Since it is our time clock our customers can stay within the TempWorks software they are familiar with. There isn’t a need to learn separate software packages to manage the various points of the system. When an employee clocks-in, their data is sent directly to the TempWorks system to verify they are on assignment. If multiples are found our time clock reports back to the employee that they need to chose which assignment they are clocking-in for. This step can be skipped if our time clock has been preprogrammed with a specific worksite the assignment belongs to. Also cost center routing can be set up so the user has to input which job they are clocking-in for incase the assignment has multiple jobs. This data is stored within TempWorks instantaneously and readily available to all users of the TempWorks software. If set up, the employee could log into TempWorks Web Center and make a punch correction, the employee’s supervisor could log into WebCenter and make the fix, or just have the payroll department correct  it within TempWorks Enterprise right away or later. The solution is completely flexible and configurable to how you want it set up. All data transfer is real-time so if you need reports based on who is and is not clocked-in you don’t need to wait, pull the report up as you need it.


A TempWorks Time Clock customer can choose from a variety of off the shelf hardware solutions. Our only requirement is that it runs Microsoft Windows and has a network interface. This includes any machine from desktops, laptops, tablets, to mini all-in-one solutions. Input interfaces can be keyboard with mouse, no keyboard, no mouse, touch screens, bar code scanners, magnetic strip scanners, and biometric scanners. One of the more popular hardware solutions has been the Samsung Q-series touch screen system. It is an all-in-one system that mounts easily and has been very durable.


MainScreen Initial screen a user sees when stepping up to the time clock.


ClockIn After authentication the user is given options. These can be customized per deployment.


timeclock  2 An example installation of a Samsung Q touch screen at a work site. Note how cool we look above the ancient looking Kronos system.


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