WebCenter 12.8.1 release notes

Additions from 12.8.0 to 12.8.1


  • Added a new Order Request Workflow system for customers that need to have order requests approved by other contacts before the order can be filled.
  • New user configs have been added to work with the new order request workflows.
  • New notifications have been added to work with the new order request workflows.
  • Order request reviewer statuses and order request event history have been added to the Order Details page.
  • Added links to the task page on the customer Order Search and Timecard Dashboard pages to notify contacts if they have any pending reviews.
  • Added functionality to the Candidate Details page that will bring you right to the download manager if the employee only has one resume.

Bug Fixes from 12.8.0 to 12.8.1


  • Fixed the work locations list box so it will not duplicate items in the list.
  • Fixed which notification gets sent out when an applicant is rejected.
  • Fixed a bug when gathering the last four digits of and SSN.
  • Fixed a bug when gathering the question id's of wrong answers on the questionnaire.


  • Fixed a JavaScript bug on the Payroll History page.
  • Fixed a bug in the timecard template config page that was causing the cost code to always show in the preview window once you have viewed a timecard template that had shown the cost code.


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